fd健身網-重量訓練 | Body-Solid Fusion400 Home Gym 重量訓練機 | 您個人肌耐力訓練的最佳選擇|FD健身網

重量訓練 | Body-Solid Fusion400 Home Gym 重量訓練機 | 您個人肌耐力訓練的最佳選擇|FD健身網









Optional Accessories:

FUSION 400 Personal Trainer with 210 lb. Weight Stack (F400-2)
FUSION 400 Personal Trainer with 310 lb. Weight Stack (F400-3)
FUSION Leg Press Attachment
FUSION Multi-Hip Station
FUSION Weight-Assisted Dip & Pull-Up Station
Wrap your arms around total body fitness with Body-Solid's Fusion 400 Personal Trainer, the most advanced multi-function gym you can have in your home.

Is it a state-of-the-art traditional gym? Is it a revolutionary functional trainer? It's both! The Fusion 400 Personal Trainer features industry-shattering innovations that put you in position to do hundreds of exercises in the comfort of your own home.

Serious fitness enthusiasts demand versatility and adjustable functionality from their equipment in order to stay creatively challenged and engaged with their workouts. The Fusion 400 delivers enough mold-breaking features and industry-exclusives to keep even the most advanced user challenged to maximize its potential.

The Fusion 400 features a game-changing new press arm and pulley system with isolateral 250º pivots for unmatched versatility and function. Cables have been threaded down its press arms (an industry innovation courtesy of the design engineers at Body-Solid), and both arms also move independently, allowing you to isolate one arm at a time. The arms even rotate on cams, allowing you an unprecedented freedom of positions and movement for your routines. You can even use the Fusion 400 with an exercise ball if you wish.

The Fusion 400's single-stack, multi-function approach to home gym design offers you an amazingly diverse workout, enabling you to isolate individual muscles or introduce functional training into your routines. It also offers the most unique and desirable attachments available in the home gym market, including leg press, multi-hip and weight-assisted vertical knee raise/chin dip stations. Rear-mounted pull-up or vertical knee raise and dip stations further enhance the versatility of this hard-working, long-lasting multi-tasker.

The Fusion 400's game-changing aesthetics, unsurpassed functionality and industry-leading technology offer you the opportunity to train on the cutting edge of fitness. Best of all, this highest quality home gym is backed for a LIFETIME of use by the best warranty in the industry.


Body-Solid's Fusion 400 Personal Trainer
 The hybridization of tradition and functional training truly reaches its pinnacle with the Fusion 400. Backed by the best warranty in the business, the Fusion 400 Personal Trainer offers state-of-the-art engineering and revolutionary features you will not find anywhere else.

Revolutionary new press arm and pulley system with isolateral 250 degree pivots for unmatched versatility and function.
Press arms can be adjusted from a mid-row position all the way up to a lat pulldown position.
Both traditional and neutral hand positions ensure quality isolateral pressing motions.
Two swiveling pulleys allow for isolateral mid-row exercises, functional pressing motions, pectoral flys and several high pulley exercises.
Multi-ring nylon handles ensure a quality fit and comfortable grip for any user.
Full length lat bar for traditional pulldowns.
Two-way adjustable back pad provides full support for mid-rows as well as decline, flat, incline and shoulder press exercises.
Gas-assisted seat pad provides simple, easy adjustments.
Bearing pivot points at the press pivot and leg developer pivot ensure a lifetime of smooth operation.
Heavy gauge oval tubing provides a stable, compact footprint.
Superior engineering and construction backed for a LIFETIME of use by the best warranty in the industry.

New curved, design forward aesthetic
50mm x 100mm 11 ga. oval tubing
6mm upper support plates
Independent, fully adjustable Press / Pulley Arms
Leg extension with pivoting rollers
Low row positions
Lat pull down with wide groove pulley
Gas assist telescoping seat
High density foam handle grips and chrome endcaps
Weight stack shrouds
Optional side pulley covers
83" H x 78.5" L x 49" W 

* 點撃放大


1. Leg Press 融合蹬腿訓練器    #FLP     $22,000
Multi-Hip Station 髖關節訓練器   #FMH  $10,000
Vertical Knee-Raise / Dip Station 直立屈膝升降器   #FKR  $8,200

※ 產品規格:
*Dimensions: (高211 x 長201 x 寬124 公分)
*Weight Stack: (1) 160 LB. Optional 235LB.



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